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About Rapé

Rapé, pronounced hapay or rapay, is a medicinal snuff from the Amazon. It's used to connect tribes to the power of the god of creation and to the spirits of the forest.

Rapé is thought to be beneficial for many physical ailments - for relieving headaches, to cool down in heat, to relax the mind, sinus problems, lower blood pressure and to intensify concentration - rapé is also good for grounding and releasing energy blocks.

It's a mix of leaves, seeds, spices, bark, oils, herbs and flowers from sacred plants, roots and trees. The basis of rapé is ground tobacco leaf (mapacho), cooked over a fire in a ceremony with chanting and prayer.  

Using a bamboo pipe, rapé is blown up the nose. It's blown into each nostril while the client is holding their breath.  It’s important to blow into both nostrils to keep the balance of energy.


Strong, fast, short, long, slow or light blows can be used. The type of blow used, will determine how long you will be in the power of the medicine.


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This rapé is very rare and a unique blend containing no tobacco. It's made in the dry season of the Amazon because the unique and special plants only grow in the dry season next to the riverbeds. It's not heated or fermented and is considered raw, living rapé.  Sacred plant mixture.


Leaves you feeling fresh, light, clear and a heightened state of awareness in mind body and spirit. Uplifting and energizing.

Nukini Cumaceba

Purpose: Uplifting and energising. Opens up sexual energy

Nukini High Vibe

Ingredients: Parica, mapacho, Cetico and Manaca with a little Virola*

Purpose: high vibe, very strong

Katukina Forca

Ingredients: Virola*, Chaliponga, Mapacho.

Purpose:  Super strong, good for connection to power animals and forest spirits.

Katukina Clear Vision with Sananga
(out of stock)

Ingredients: Capirona, Mapacho and Tabernaemontana undulata  roots.

Purpose: Strong connection to spirits of nature, peace, wellbeing, sense enhancing

Piraoa Warrior with White Cacao

Ingredients: white cacao, mapacho, parica. 
Purpose: Warrior energy, energising.

Yawanawa Anamu

Purpose: Grounding, Balance and focus. Also good for sinus issues and clearing away curses.

Yawanawa Yopo

Ingredients: A blend of pure Yopo** and Jungle tobaccos.

Purpose: Powerful and visionary – spirit of the Jaguar. Grounding. 

Kamanawa Camanagua

Ingredients: Piri Piri

Purpose: Focus, concentration and high energy

Katukina Passiflora
(out of stock)

Ingredients: Mapacho, Tsunu, Passiflora.

Purpose: Calming, meditative, healing, soothing and connection to self. Strong cleansing, deep grounding, releasing big entities, negative thoughts, deep sickness and heavy energies. Best use in the evenings after you’ve been at work or coming from a stressful toxic environment or commuting on public transport. Great before going to sleep and for lucid dreaming. The combination of tsunu ash with purple passionflower is made to create a nexus between you and the dream world.

Nukini Caapi

Ingredients: Tobacco mix with yellow vine and ashes.

Purpose: Grounding, heart opening, journeying and calming.

Nukini Feminine Forca

Ingredients: Tabaco de Corda, Tsunu, White Roses

Purpose: Crafted at a specific time in the lunar cycle to enhance the powers of the medicine. White roses are considered good for spiritual cleansing, and are connected to the goddess and queen of the sea Yemanja.

Manchineri Tonka Dream

Purpose: Uplifting snuff from the Yao river people. Aphrodisiac and super heart- warming and opening


Ingredients: Mapacho, ash, Murici plant.

Purpose: Acts on the physical cleansing of the energies that accumulate in the lower chakras. Murici is anti-inflammatory, and contains tannin, which makes it anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Has great benefits for infections of the mouth and throat, and improves the immune system because of its rich vitamin C content.

Yaminawa Black Jurema Preta

Ingredients: caapi vine, leaves of the vine, mapacho and tsunu. 
Purpose: Relaxing, anti-depressant.

Rapé is a sacred medicine and should not be mixed with alcohol or recreational drugs.

Virola* and Yopo** are powerful visionary medicines. Large quantities can be hallucinogenic.

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